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BATIÇİM Enerji Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. continues its activities in combined natural gas cycle power plant located in Bornova, İzmir with an installed power of 45 MW. BATIENERJİ has a capacity of 300.000.000 kWh power generation per year.

BATIENERJİ aimed at reducing electric energy expenses of its customers and contribute in their work performances with its suitable prices by offering to eligible consumers its electric production capacity, which will be increased with the Hydroelectric Power Plant (ÇÖKEK) to be commissioned with a installed power of 9 MW and the Wind Power Plant (BORARES) with an installed power of 45 MW, through its Wholesale Company (Batıçim Enerji Toptan Satış A.Ş.).

If you have not compared yet with other suppliers the cost advantage and service quality your energy supplier can provide, you may be using expensive power day by day and you may fail to experience the advantage of being an eligible consumer fully. Please note that you always have the advantage to gain more in this system that is to your benefit in any condition..

In that case, would you like to learn how less you will pay your electricity consumption bill? Then, you ask and let our energy sale experts explain how much you will gain and what you should do to enter the system in detail.

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