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Following its establishment in 1966 with 100% Turkish capital, BATIÇİM Batı Anadolu Çimento Sanayii A.Ş. grew rapidly and became one of the strongest companies of Turkish Cement Industry. The company not only met a significant part of cement requirements of our country within a period of almost half a century with its environment friendly products of outstanding quality and perfect service understanding as offered to the construction sector by adopting the principle of “quality first” but also has been a reliable and well-known company in the international markets.

BATIÇİM presented its BATIBETON brand to the service of construction sector in 1986 for the purpose of meeting the increasing demands for concrete and spreading the awareness of ready mixed concrete. It expended its market share in Southern Aegean and Western Mediterranean Regions with BATISÖKE Söke Çimento Sanayii T.A.Ş. purchased in 1993 and the facilities commissioned in Çavdır District, Burdur in 1998. BATIÇİM continues to export cement and clinker to foreign markets.

BATIÇİM, having a clinker production capacity of 1.400.000 tons/year and cement production capacity of 1.800.000 tons/year today, ensures its quality with its control system taking part in every phase of production. The company ensures such quality through its specialized and experienced BATIÇİM personnel in addition to its facilities where technology of world standards is used. BATIÇİM, being offered to public and processed in İstanbul Stock Exchange Market in 1995, attach great importance to its service quality in order to continue its principle of maintaining its power in domestic and foreign markets and meeting the demands of its customers immediately. In this respect, a professional team is always in charge.

BATIÇİM values the environment and its employees greatly and performs all its activities as a model company with its sensitivity and awareness of responsibility on “Environment, Occupational Health and Safety”. All facilities of BATIÇİM are awarded with TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and TS 18001 OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificates.

We, BATIÇİM, take pride in being ranked among the building stones of the economy of Turkey through the workforce we create, added values we provide and exportations we fulfill

Cement product types and services produced in Batıçim
  Bag Bulk Big Bag Sling Bag
CEM I 42,5 R bullet bullet bullet bullet
CEM II B-M (L-W) 42,5 R   bullet bullet bullet
CEM II A-M (P-L) 42,5 R bullet bullet bullet bullet
CEM IV/B (P-W) 32,5 R bullet bullet bullet bullet
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