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BATIENERJİ, which was included in BATI ANADOLU GROUP in 2008, continues its activities with its experienced personnel and plays an active role in the area of Production and Retail Sales in Turkish Energy Market with its experienced personnel.

BATIENERJİ is a company producing 300.000.000 kWh energy power per year with its combined natural gas cycle power plant with an installed power of 45 MW. Its primary target is to invest in the area of especially renewable energy and increase its available installed power. In this sense;

  • Solar Power : BATIENERJİ has specified the production of electric energy with solar power in the near future as one of its targets and has become the first company to establish solar power test facility in line of such target. Such test facility located in Burdur currently continues its activities of measurement and production.
  • Hydroelectric Power : BATIENERJİ, among the private sector applications rendered in accordance with the provisions of “Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Signing Contract on Water Use Right to Perform Production Activities in the Electricity Market” as issued within the framework of Electricity Market Law no. 4628, has been awarded with the “Water Use Right” for ÇÖKEK Hydroelectric Power Plant Project at an installed power of BA9 MW and it is continuing measurement and permit processes in the project phase.
  • Wind Power : BATIENERJİ became a shareholder at 95% to BORARES Enerji Üretim Dağıtım Madencilik ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti., which applied to Energy Market Regulatory Board (EPDK) on November 1st, 2007 for a wind power of 45 MW, and it is continuing its wind measurements on the project field of BORARES in Nazilli, Aydın.

BATIENERJİ aims at continuing its way without slowing down with its strategic targets and to be one of the important and permanent players in the energy market of our country.

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