Our Environmental Policy

Our objective in all our cement plants as BATI ANADOLU GROUP is to produce clinker and cement in compliance with national and international standards and to present such products with a service understanding in compliance with the demands and expectations of customers.

In fulfilling our responsibilities, our general principle is showing respect to the nature and to prevent environmental pollution. We are aware that protecting and improving the environment we live is an integral part of our business and life. Therefore, we take maximum care to prevent environmental pollution and to use the natural sources in a conscious way. We reduce the wastes at their sources and we regain such wastes to the economy in every condition possible.

Our group companies BATIÇİM and BATISÖKE use the wastes produced by other activity performers as alternative fuel under the waste menu with their “operating license” and thus prevents solid and dangerous wastes to be conveyed to landfill areas and/or receiving environments without control and prevents environmental pollution. During the fulfillment of this, it benefits from the thermal power of such wastes and gains profit at specific rates from the primary fuel of cement production, which is coal. Thereby it creates added value for the economical use of natural sources. Ash created in conclusion to burning wastes as alternative fuel is remained within the clinker and then mixed to the cement and no external waste is developed. Emissions during all such processes are always monitored and reported to related authorities.

BATIÇİM and BATISÖKE rehabilitates the mine sites it uses at the end of activity and leaves them in a way that the plants and living beings can exist and becomes the actualizer and follower of activities of “recovery to nature”.

Operations in Belkahve Limestone Mines

The purpose of rehabilitation and recultivation operations in open mines in which mining activities are terminated is to make the present topography of mine field compatible to the natural topography as much as possible and then to (if the mine will not be used for any other purpose) prepare the piece of land to agricultural or forestry use; in other words, to try to ensure the ecological balance again in the region.

For this purpose, slopes in the operation field are arranged with the studies on recovery to nature in the field; holes and channels are opened at degrees and such holes are filled with vegetal soil and the area is made in harmony with the environment in terms of landscaping as the new plants and trees grow.

Especially plants were used in a way that grows rapidly, enriches the soil and strengthens the plant life, grows in dry climate and calcareous ground, develops in short time and prepares the area for the other plant types, some resistant against various extreme conditions and supports each other.


BATI ANADOLU GROUP also acts with the purpose of leaving future generations a greener world in addition to the environmental rehabilitation of areas on which it is active and continues its support to many environmentalist non-governmental organizations with its belief that every tone of green would enrich our world. Donations to Aegean Forest Foundation are only a part of those.

We are aware that protecting and improving the environment we live is an integral part of our business and life.